Solidarity Lowell Mission Statement

Solidarity Lowell works toward social justice by defending the human rights, dignity, and equality of all persons against all forms of hate and discrimination.

Points of Unity

  • Civil Justice: Civil liberties and protection from state repression are critical for the preservation of democracy and human dignity.
  • Economic Justice: We demand an economy that puts the rights of the people above the profits of a few, and we oppose an economy that would strengthen the rich’s power over the poor. All members of our community – undocumented and documented – must have economic dignity.
  • Environmental Justice: The ecological crisis, and in particular global warming/climate change, is an urgent human rights challenge; how we mitigate global warming (by ending the use of fossil fuels) and adapt to it is a moral issue, and must be done with speed and equity.
  • Peace: War is a moral abomination, and military force ought to be the last resort in international conflict – especially since militarism stifles domestic progress.
  • Racial Justice: Racism is structural, more than a sum of individual prejudicial actions, and must be rooted out of every part of society. We are particularly focused on protecting undocumented and other vulnerable community members in Lowell and are against white supremacy.
  • Sexuality/Gender Justice: Women and LGBTQIA+ people must have full rights, liberation, and freedom.

Solidarity Lowell is non-partisan; our members have a range of political and philosophical viewpoints and spiritual faiths. We are unaffiliated with any formal political parties or specific ideologies, and are open to all who share our goal of social justice.