Coordinating Committee

The SL Coordinating Committee (SLCC) is your elected team of volunteers running the meetings, organizing events, disseminating relevant news, and sharing calls to action. Elections are held every April.

The Coordinating Committee members for 2023-2024 are:

  • Amy Baranoski
  • Joe Boyle
  • Marissa Dupont
  • Dee Halzack
  • Ryan Hammond
  • Chris Offerman
  • Mitchell Paulin
  • Ron Peacetree

If you are interested in joining the SLCC, please email us, and attend the April 28th meeting (5:30pm on Zoom) to tell us about yourself and why you’d like to join. If you can’t attend the meeting, just send us a brief statement and bio about why you want to join and what activism/political/non-profit/other relevant experience you might have. Three of us are up for re-election in 2024 and there are an additional three open seats. We would love to have your perspectives represented in our leadership!

Being on the SLCC involves:

  • Two (1-hour) SLCC meetings a month
  • One (1.5-hour) general meeting a month
  • Checking our Discord server once a day
  • Attending meetings with our elected officials
  • Helping out at additional events (such as DDD, postcarding, tabling at local events, as well as our City Council Candidate Forum) if possible
  • Miscellaneous tasks (helping schedule meetings with reps, speaking at City Council meetings, etc.).

Each member of the SLCC gets a vote regarding decisions that need to be made (whether to support legislation outside of the Progressive Mass agenda, whether to hold additional events, etc.) in addition to other membership privileges such as voting on endorsements. Terms are for two years, and during the first year we ask that you complete the Unpacking Whiteness Dialogue Group (or similar) if you are white. Questions? Please email us at