EMERGENCY STANDOUT TONIGHT! Sweep Sunday in Centralville!


We just received word that the City of Lowell is planning a sweep of the Centralville unhoused persons encampment near the dog park Sunday, June 25th, at 8am. The city says everybody will be provided with a bed or a voucher, but those who work directly with the unhoused tell us there are no beds available. The local shelter is full, people are being turned away, the hotel program has ended. There are about 23 people living in this camp. If somehow the City could find beds for these people, they would be jumping the line over others that have been on a waitlist — but we have no evidence of such beds even existing.

At Solidarity Lowell’s recent meeting with City Manager Tom Golden, he promised that at least one week’s notice would be given before taking any action. The notice went up today, giving less than three days notice. The City is using the recent arrest of one person as an excuse to shut down the entire camp, kicking out our neighbors with little notice on a Sunday when assistance will be more difficult. The phone number given on the notice is the Lowell Transitional Living Center, which as stated above is full and can’t accommodate additional people.

Their promises of beds, transportation, and storage of belongings fall short.

What Can You Do?

  • Emergency Standout: Join us tonight Friday, June 23rd at 6pm at the Ladd and Whitney Memorial outside of City Hall. Bring signs of support for our unhoused neighbors.
  • Contact City Council and City Manager: Use this form to contact the City Council and City Manager Tom Golden. Tell them in your own words why this situation continues to be unacceptable.
  • Bear Witness to the Sweep: Be there when the City sweeps the camp this Sunday June 25th at 8am. Location is the Centralville Dog Park at 61 1st Street. Take photos and post about what you see on social media. Bring bags and markers to help everyone pack up their things. See map below.